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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Green Lung

"Is secondhand smoke harmful to us?
Is a secondhand smoker at the risk of getting lung cancer as high as a smoker?"
Many people are asking these questions.

Then normally you will get this response.
"Aiyah, they smoke only ma, not me smoke.
whether they live or die, none of my business"
But what I can tell you is that
The answer for both questions is YES.
You are at risk of dying from lung cancer too even though you're not a smoker and you're exposed to secondhand smoke. is time for us to think of that, isn't it?

All the tertiary institutions in Malaysia, by right and by law,must have been a non-smoking zone.
However over the years, no one seems to be aware of this issue.
So it's not surprise at all to see people (students, staffs and even some of the lecturers) puffing on their cigarettes in USM campus.
What surprises you is that, whether you realize it or not,
there are enforcement officers in USM who are authorized to take action on those who have violated this law.
Hmm..You may ask, where are they?
"They must have done a very great job sweeping all the smokers out of the campus.."
Above statement is just a joke anyway.
I still can see so many cigarette butts on the floor especially at some hotspots such as desasiswa (our hostels, in case you're not from USM).
To your dismay, some of the enforcement officers are lawbreakers themselves.
What else could you expect from them?
Asking a thief to safeguard your property?
I have no stand to comment on that.

So it's time for us to do something.
Don't wait for the authority before all the smokers overwhelm us..
The norm now is "minority rules"
so we should denormalize this phenomenon
We should be the ones who set the rules of the game and they (smokers) should follow our rules, not otherwise.

We have the RIGHT to have a healthy smoke-free studying environment.
We deserve fresh air.
We deserve a healthy life.
Therefore, we, as a non-smokers should voice out our needs aloud.

At this particular point of time, USM Green Lung is definitely the best channel and platform for you either to relay the message to USM authority or to join our battle.

For your info, Green lung is a newly established voluntary organization, which works hard towards creating a smoke-free environment in USM.
We are seeking a huge crowd of volunteers who are thirst for breathing in unpolluted air in USM. You are definitely the one we are looking for.
So don't hide behind the desk anymore,
it's time for us to stand up and together we voice out our big "NO" to smoking.
If you are having the passion in pursuit of a utopia
Come visit our campaign booth at Tapak Convo,
Venue: Eureka carpark
Date: 11th to 16th august 2009
Time: 9am to 5pm
Join to be part of us~!!!
Membership is now open to all~!!
We're looking for talents too in the following fields:
event management, graphic design, advertising, mass com, writer, web design, activism, public communication etc.
Let's make the butterfly effect happen.
"Support a tobacco-free environment" - Green Lung, USM
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