Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

YCA29 & ITCW 09

Just came back from both YCA camp and ITCWorkshop 2 days ago.
It's seriously tiring to an extent that I could just sit there and fall asleep anytime.
YCA29 - 3 days 2 nights (17th to 19th)- 2+ hours sleep
Home - 1 night (19th) - 2+ hours sleep
ITCW - 3 days 2 nights (20th to 22nd) - getting back my normal sleep
Imagine 3 nights only 4+ hours sleep, then the next day have to tahan for another day..
"I'm blank" (The first time i said this during my speech)

Anyway, I love the schedule. Though tiring, it's fruitful. Haha.

YCA29 - SM Kwang Hwa (Private), Klang, Selangor
This time I was in 活动部...
A dept with my ginna kia (small kids)
Erm...Though i couldn't accompany them until the end of the camp (20th)
I could feel the connection with them..Especially when they presented me the "farewell" cheers.
Hope to see them again in YCA30..

ITCW 09 - Sedim Eco Park, Karangan, Kedah
Intervarsity Tobacco Control Workshop 2009
Attended by tobacco control teams from 5 universities i.e.
USM Green Lung
UIA Green Lung
UM Tobacco Control Youth &
Tobacco Control Teams from UKM and UiTM...
This workshop had witnessed the establishment of Youth Chapter for Tobacco Control..
meaning to say the sparks of tobacco control movement will be initiated and outreaching more people in different places in a more coordinated way..
Hopefully the ad hoc committee would register the YC asap so that these 5 universities could really work together and create a tsunami in youth tobacco control efforts..

One exciting outcome about ITCW 09 is that UiTM has taken up the challenge to be the host of Youth Conference for Tobacco Control - the first jointly organized event by 5 universities..
This Youth Conference is aimed to share our missions and visions with more youths from all sorta backgrounds and thus to empower the youth in the tobacco control effort in hope of moving towards a smoke-free country..
This is definitely something that we should be excited about...
USM Green Lung is definitely giving our fullest support to make this happen.. Woohoo..

Adding color to the workshop was the capacity building activities
- Jungle trekking...(a real jungle without trek, for me it's more like military training)
Jungle trekking
Dun How's losing his balance
Lush forrest
View from the inside of the forrest
Wild mushrooms rest in peace. Kaka
Tree Top Walk
The track
River streams down to somewhere. I don't know
The fun part was we did this with friends
- Abseiling...(descending from a vertical surface by using a rope coiled around the body)

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The power of cigarette

Recently playing with photoshop's effect. Sharing with you one of my pilot artworks.

The power of cigarette. Big tobacco companies are so smart in smartening up the image of tobacco. The tobacco advertisements always try to deliver the messages of "cool, smart and macho" to the (witless) people. They believe that cigarette could render them power. (Witless) People claims that smoking helps reduce stress (of course, nicotine is stimulant, but they never know nicotine was once used as insecticide. Never mind, not my business). People claims that smoking is a way of socializing (Do we need to risk our lives to know more friends who smoke?). People even claims that they smoke because their friends asked them to smoke (hello, before you answer this, please install your brain back into your skull. Your brain will become flat if you always sit on it). At the end of the days, what are the prices? Your freedom, your career, your money, your family and eventually your life.

Disclaimer: The above statements bear no relation to the blogger. He wrote this when he's sleepwalking.
(Have you ever seen a disclaimer of such size?)

GLC 2010

Green Lung Carnival 2010 aka GLC 2010

Date: 23th – 25th February 2010
Venue: USM main campus
Time: from 9am to 5pm
Theme: Support a tobacco-free environment
1) To introduce Green Lung as a Student Voluntary Group for Tobacco Control.
2) To officially launch Green Lung project.
3) To disseminate information regarding hazards of tobacco and importance of having a tobacco-free environment to the public.
4) To involve the public actively in tobacco control campaign.
5) To share our vision and missions with all the people around us.

1) Launching ceremony
2) Roadshow (Free Screening Test)
3) Games and Quizzes (Fun games and great prizes awaiting you)
4) Parliamentary debate (By invitation only)
5) Chorus Speaking competition (Open to all secondary schools in Penang)
6) Forum "The fundamental obstacles hindering the full implementation of smoke-free areas and the future challenges to achieve a smoke-free environment in Malaysia"

What's more appealing is that...
we have a total grand prize of RM8000 awaiting you!
In conjunction with GLC 2010, Green Lung offers the chance to show your talents and your CREATIVITY!

1) Poster designing competition,
2) Video making competition and
3) Song composing competition

All the competitions are open to all MALAYSIANS.
Boys, and girls, grab all the prizes worth total of RM8000 if you can!!

Rules & Regulation and Entry form
Download here Or visit Green Lung's Blogspot

If you wish to show off your artistic talents, your creativity and your thoughts and share with people, yet you stand a chance to win big prizes (really big!), c'mon, make full use of your holidays, join these competitions.

We really need your participations to make this happen - Rhuyann