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Thursday, December 24, 2009

YCA29 & ITCW 09

Just came back from both YCA camp and ITCWorkshop 2 days ago.
It's seriously tiring to an extent that I could just sit there and fall asleep anytime.
YCA29 - 3 days 2 nights (17th to 19th)- 2+ hours sleep
Home - 1 night (19th) - 2+ hours sleep
ITCW - 3 days 2 nights (20th to 22nd) - getting back my normal sleep
Imagine 3 nights only 4+ hours sleep, then the next day have to tahan for another day..
"I'm blank" (The first time i said this during my speech)

Anyway, I love the schedule. Though tiring, it's fruitful. Haha.

YCA29 - SM Kwang Hwa (Private), Klang, Selangor
This time I was in 活动部...
A dept with my ginna kia (small kids)
Erm...Though i couldn't accompany them until the end of the camp (20th)
I could feel the connection with them..Especially when they presented me the "farewell" cheers.
Hope to see them again in YCA30..

ITCW 09 - Sedim Eco Park, Karangan, Kedah
Intervarsity Tobacco Control Workshop 2009
Attended by tobacco control teams from 5 universities i.e.
USM Green Lung
UIA Green Lung
UM Tobacco Control Youth &
Tobacco Control Teams from UKM and UiTM...
This workshop had witnessed the establishment of Youth Chapter for Tobacco Control..
meaning to say the sparks of tobacco control movement will be initiated and outreaching more people in different places in a more coordinated way..
Hopefully the ad hoc committee would register the YC asap so that these 5 universities could really work together and create a tsunami in youth tobacco control efforts..

One exciting outcome about ITCW 09 is that UiTM has taken up the challenge to be the host of Youth Conference for Tobacco Control - the first jointly organized event by 5 universities..
This Youth Conference is aimed to share our missions and visions with more youths from all sorta backgrounds and thus to empower the youth in the tobacco control effort in hope of moving towards a smoke-free country..
This is definitely something that we should be excited about...
USM Green Lung is definitely giving our fullest support to make this happen.. Woohoo..

Adding color to the workshop was the capacity building activities
- Jungle trekking...(a real jungle without trek, for me it's more like military training)
Jungle trekking
Dun How's losing his balance
Lush forrest
View from the inside of the forrest
Wild mushrooms rest in peace. Kaka
Tree Top Walk
The track
River streams down to somewhere. I don't know
The fun part was we did this with friends
- Abseiling...(descending from a vertical surface by using a rope coiled around the body)

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The power of cigarette

Recently playing with photoshop's effect. Sharing with you one of my pilot artworks.

The power of cigarette. Big tobacco companies are so smart in smartening up the image of tobacco. The tobacco advertisements always try to deliver the messages of "cool, smart and macho" to the (witless) people. They believe that cigarette could render them power. (Witless) People claims that smoking helps reduce stress (of course, nicotine is stimulant, but they never know nicotine was once used as insecticide. Never mind, not my business). People claims that smoking is a way of socializing (Do we need to risk our lives to know more friends who smoke?). People even claims that they smoke because their friends asked them to smoke (hello, before you answer this, please install your brain back into your skull. Your brain will become flat if you always sit on it). At the end of the days, what are the prices? Your freedom, your career, your money, your family and eventually your life.

Disclaimer: The above statements bear no relation to the blogger. He wrote this when he's sleepwalking.
(Have you ever seen a disclaimer of such size?)

GLC 2010

Green Lung Carnival 2010 aka GLC 2010

Date: 23th – 25th February 2010
Venue: USM main campus
Time: from 9am to 5pm
Theme: Support a tobacco-free environment
1) To introduce Green Lung as a Student Voluntary Group for Tobacco Control.
2) To officially launch Green Lung project.
3) To disseminate information regarding hazards of tobacco and importance of having a tobacco-free environment to the public.
4) To involve the public actively in tobacco control campaign.
5) To share our vision and missions with all the people around us.

1) Launching ceremony
2) Roadshow (Free Screening Test)
3) Games and Quizzes (Fun games and great prizes awaiting you)
4) Parliamentary debate (By invitation only)
5) Chorus Speaking competition (Open to all secondary schools in Penang)
6) Forum "The fundamental obstacles hindering the full implementation of smoke-free areas and the future challenges to achieve a smoke-free environment in Malaysia"

What's more appealing is that...
we have a total grand prize of RM8000 awaiting you!
In conjunction with GLC 2010, Green Lung offers the chance to show your talents and your CREATIVITY!

1) Poster designing competition,
2) Video making competition and
3) Song composing competition

All the competitions are open to all MALAYSIANS.
Boys, and girls, grab all the prizes worth total of RM8000 if you can!!

Rules & Regulation and Entry form
Download here Or visit Green Lung's Blogspot

If you wish to show off your artistic talents, your creativity and your thoughts and share with people, yet you stand a chance to win big prizes (really big!), c'mon, make full use of your holidays, join these competitions.

We really need your participations to make this happen - Rhuyann

Sunday, November 29, 2009



日新国中 SMJK Jit Sin-槟城人眼中所谓的名校。


第一天踏入日新校园,只觉得 “ 哇,好大!” (比起我的小学大好多)
我的班级 - 1J班。




对日新人来说最熟悉不过的地方 - lower concourse
Lower Concourse

Friday, November 27, 2009


2009 is going to end soon..
My entry production rate is always low..
so grabbing any chance to spam my blog..
hopefully I could give 30 entries before 2010..
too lame keeping my entries less than 30 per year..

Just back from gathering..
Again, Tambun seafood is our choice..
Khai Sheng, Kean Ping, Han Boon, Yi Fan, Huai lin, Chui Theng, Zee Kee, Li Yong and me..
The list doesn't change much every time..standard deviation plus minus 2 or 3..
Most of our members are now here and there all around the world..
I wonder if a complete list could meet up one day..

Today, one lesson's learned.
Direct translation - Think in a reversed manner.
Everything happens because of something..
If you want something to happen, start from the everything.
No more road-is-not-taken mindset..
I know the lesson, but I never learn the lesson..
Now only I understand the principle behind it..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


These days having been "seeing" a lot.
Too many things revolve in my mind.
Again, multitasking is challenging me.
Involving more decision makings this time.
Every move I take now has to be comprehensive.
Or else everything's doomed.

Some people might find it difficult in working with me.
yeah, I know I'm fussy.
I couldn't stand a single spot of dirt within my vision.
I want things to go according to what I "see",
of course if you provide me a better route, I do accept.
Maybe my inborn sense is so.
I like to see beautiful things.

Some people might think that I go too fast.
yeah, I know I'm a bit impatient.
Having not seized the ground firmly, thinking of flying already.
But when I "see" those ideas, I know it can be done.
If I know it can be done, but I don't do it.
What's the point? I shall pass my hat to others.
Bear with me. We'll share the glory one day.

Some people might think that I'm too vague.
They don't know what I want.
but is it so hard to know what I'm thinking?
Hmm, maybe. Because they are not my worms.
I'll try to get you in to "see" my world.

To "see" in order to see.
You need to "see" it before you see it.

Do you see me?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things never end

Exam's over.
a movie - 2010 to relax myself.
Effect wise, it did give me a huge impact.
It's touching in certain scenes, but it needs a little bit more horsepower to shed my tears.
Lessons wise, yes. Yeah, love our Earth before it's too late.
I don't think there are Noah's arks hiding behind the San Xia Dam.
Even if there were, you must have a green card and a very good "gene"

Right after that, 1st green lung internal tobacco control workshop!
feel so glad that actually we've moved so far.
Sense of satisfaction.

Giving welcome speech, I was.

Talk by Prof. Rahmat, C-Tob Director.

Mini Project Discussion.

My group was discussing their strategies how to kick others' butt.

Hands-on using CO meter.

Dun How's group was drawing some....cartoon?!

During the workshop, we have a session which required the participants to apply what they'd learnt from the talk and to approach the smokers.
Education or rather a gentle reminder to inform them that their expiry dates are near. Stop before it's too late, again.

Educating the public.

Measuring the air quality at the food court using SidePak stealthily.

"Uncle, uncle, please don't smoke."

Passionate activists.

Building rapport with prospects

I was the facilitator of a team.
Some surprising responses from the smokers.

"I know smoking harms. But now I'm okay. I'll stop only when my body is not okay." - Great thinker. A politician.

(We asked, "you know secondhand smoke is harmful to your children?")
"Secondhand smoke is harmful, I know. That's why I choose to harm others rather than my own children." - WTF

(We adviced, "secondhand smoke is harmful to your wife.")
"Nevermind, I'm the one who asks him to smoke," his wife answered us. - What an understanding wife he has. Envy.

("Sir, smoking is harmful. Why not quit?")
"Where got smoke? Where got smoke?" while he's trying to hide his cigarettes behind his body. - Yeah, we are mentally retarded. Oh no, you fooled us! =.=

("Uncle, can you donate a cigarette to us to show your determination to quit smoking?")
"You ask my tauke first." - Walao, uncle. Be mature a bit. Do you need permission to go pee?

"I'm neither supporting smoking, nor stopping people from smoking in my shop." - Another politician we have here.

"Our place is smoke-free" (A person was smoking at the other corner of the shop)- Ello, please lie with wisdom. If you don't have, at least you can see with your eyes.

All walks of life. Interesting.

Presentation of their findings.

Presenting. Sue Anne, please concentrate. No victory gesture.

Credits to all the committee members. You guys did a great job especially in the time management. I'd say it's the most punctual event ever in university. Well done.

Looking forward to Intervarsity Tobacco Control Workshop in Dec.
Meaning to say, my holiday's gone.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


这个学期,三个字 - 不简单。

我妈:“不是study week咩?做么酱早会宿舍?还有上课啊?”
(不知道的朋友们,我是称职的PBSM - Pasti Balik Setiap Minggu 家族成员)
因为过去的study week, 我至少都会呆在家好许天。

不过...这次反而是我两年以来过得最不像样的study week。







Friday, October 16, 2009

Terrible yet exciting weeks

Last 2 word to describe - terrible but siok..
Many things had happened in such a short time..
Assignments, Reports, Quizzes, Presentations, Writing proposal, Organizing and Attending Activities, Meetings and many more..Macam Snow-ball..keeping on rolling..walao..
When I looked at my To-do-list, I felt nausea..
When I looked at my schedule, I felt dizzy..
When I kept on looking and looking, I felt nearly impotent..
Sometimes I would just lose my focus easily..
dunno where to head..
Time's not on my side anymore..
have to fight really hard against the time or else I will screw up everything at the end..
Luckily I'm "strong" enough to survive in this psychological as well as physical torture..
haha.. now everything's back to normal..wahaha
exam's coming soon anyway...but it's much more better and kind than those I've mentioned earlier..
At least it won't compel me to the dead corner..
nevertheless last few weeks were not totally bad..
I felt so full...mentally and psychologically...

Here are some highlights of the month:

Cosmetic assignment
My Team - Carmin
(Eda, Calrin, Farah, Farahin, Yanna and Me)
MY Groupmates 
We're assigned to formulate rouge and blush.
My piece of work..keke
Carmin rouge - to make your cheek "red red and bling bling"

Carmin - our product
Marketing Assignment:
Research title:
"A qualitative study exploring the impacts of pharmaceutical price war among community pharmacies in the state of Penang, Malaysia"
One of the satisfying research studies I've done.
The photos are not with me..upload later (later means not tomorrow >.<) USM Freeze!: One i must never miss to share with you guys USM Freeze! had successfully been put in action right in my own campus, USM..yoohoo..
This was the most exciting event I'd ever organized so far after B.O.S night in July.
Imagine more than 1oo students gather at one place and got frozen in unison for 4 minutes..
The scene is wow, breathtaking!

Briefing before USM Freeze! (Wan Bin's face looked so 痛苦)
Briefing before USM Freeze!
(Wan Bin looked like she's in pain)
Participants on the move. I'd never
expected to see such a huge group.
Chia How looked so happy, macam
kena lottery
Everyone's doing their routine, waiting for the moment
Media ready with their cameras
Everyone's busy looking for the best spot to freeze.
Erm...perhaps in front of cameras
Counting from 3, 2, 1...
the pasar-like foyer DK suddenly turned into a total silent dead city
Everyone was like turning into dummy..not moving anymore
Green Lung Freeze!
No single sound was made except those who dunno what's happening that time..
the best thing was to see those innocent by-passers' faces and expression..
they looked so ignorant...haha..
when they saw such a huge group of frozen people, they didn't even dare to step forward to pass through the crowd.. amazing..
Bird's view at Foyer DK
The frozen moment really astounded me..
The number of participants was out of my expectation...
I was actually just expecting around 50 or 60..
Really millions and thousands of thanks to them..
Of course, trillions and billions thanks to all my committee members who had worked really hard to make USM Freeze! a history in USM...

With such a great people around, the world is always beautiful, I believe...
Su Ee's posing
Dun How so "ke leng"
USM Freeze! indeed has made the Green Lung reaching more people in USM..
At least we met our objective our this activity.
though there wersome minor mistakes i think could be improved much.
Here are some newspaper cuttings about Green Lung.
Green Lung on Berita Kampus
One thing exciting too..
my face was on The Star..wahaha..though they spelled my name wrongly "Ho Rhu Wann"...haih why everytime like this..
Me on the Star
There were a few more press covering the news eg. Sin Chew Jit Poh, Kwang Ming Daily Paper, Bernama, Utusan and TV3

Press release was horrible yet interesting experience for me..
First time talking in front of press...I was blank..
I couldn't even talk in a sensible way..though those points I've been repeating and repeating..
when the camera was on... my brain says bye bye to me
luckily got Prof Rahmat backed me up..or else I'd be so dead..
haha..anyway..another new episode in my itinerary..

Green Lung, another turning point of my life..
I meet great people, I work with great people, I talk to great people..
I know I'm nothing afterall...more and more to learn to get myself improved..
If one day, people asked me "how's your uni life"
I would answer him without any hesitation, "My uni life is GREAT~!!!"

Looking forwards to more exciting activities in the coming days:
Green Lung internal training program, Intervarsity Youth Tobacco Control Workshop, Green Lung Carnival 2010 (GLC 2010)

Stay tuned

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Green Lung

"Is secondhand smoke harmful to us?
Is a secondhand smoker at the risk of getting lung cancer as high as a smoker?"
Many people are asking these questions.

Then normally you will get this response.
"Aiyah, they smoke only ma, not me smoke.
whether they live or die, none of my business"
But what I can tell you is that
The answer for both questions is YES.
You are at risk of dying from lung cancer too even though you're not a smoker and you're exposed to secondhand smoke. is time for us to think of that, isn't it?

All the tertiary institutions in Malaysia, by right and by law,must have been a non-smoking zone.
However over the years, no one seems to be aware of this issue.
So it's not surprise at all to see people (students, staffs and even some of the lecturers) puffing on their cigarettes in USM campus.
What surprises you is that, whether you realize it or not,
there are enforcement officers in USM who are authorized to take action on those who have violated this law.
Hmm..You may ask, where are they?
"They must have done a very great job sweeping all the smokers out of the campus.."
Above statement is just a joke anyway.
I still can see so many cigarette butts on the floor especially at some hotspots such as desasiswa (our hostels, in case you're not from USM).
To your dismay, some of the enforcement officers are lawbreakers themselves.
What else could you expect from them?
Asking a thief to safeguard your property?
I have no stand to comment on that.

So it's time for us to do something.
Don't wait for the authority before all the smokers overwhelm us..
The norm now is "minority rules"
so we should denormalize this phenomenon
We should be the ones who set the rules of the game and they (smokers) should follow our rules, not otherwise.

We have the RIGHT to have a healthy smoke-free studying environment.
We deserve fresh air.
We deserve a healthy life.
Therefore, we, as a non-smokers should voice out our needs aloud.

At this particular point of time, USM Green Lung is definitely the best channel and platform for you either to relay the message to USM authority or to join our battle.

For your info, Green lung is a newly established voluntary organization, which works hard towards creating a smoke-free environment in USM.
We are seeking a huge crowd of volunteers who are thirst for breathing in unpolluted air in USM. You are definitely the one we are looking for.
So don't hide behind the desk anymore,
it's time for us to stand up and together we voice out our big "NO" to smoking.
If you are having the passion in pursuit of a utopia
Come visit our campaign booth at Tapak Convo,
Venue: Eureka carpark
Date: 11th to 16th august 2009
Time: 9am to 5pm
Join to be part of us~!!!
Membership is now open to all~!!
We're looking for talents too in the following fields:
event management, graphic design, advertising, mass com, writer, web design, activism, public communication etc.
Let's make the butterfly effect happen.
"Support a tobacco-free environment" - Green Lung, USM
Some links:
Prof. Lee Lik Meng's blogspot
USM Healthycampus Website
Green Lung's Facebook group

Saturday, July 11, 2009


看到以上的post title,
好像我要卖什么药似的 - 让你站起来。




我们开始懂得 “怨”



Nick Vujicic,
No arms, no legs, no worries


Sunday, July 5, 2009





“某某中招 - H1N1”


- 曲自周天王《阳光宅男》


Sunday, June 14, 2009




Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The art of memory 1

Do you envy those with huge memory capacity?
Some people's brains are like a sponge,
they can simply absorb so much information and data..
You may say, "haiyoh, I also can lah if I want to."
I always know that you can do that too..
provided that you have to commit your 24-hour-per-day solely to your studies...
(Just a metaphor)

However, the biggest difference between those "people" and you is that
they can do that within a very short time
and you may have to spend a good hour concentrating on the subject..
So I suppose a "yes" from you now to my previous question
especially we have been the victims for more than 10 years
under our present national education system which emphasizes much on examination.

Nowadays, the education system stresses much on how well you memorize
rather than how well you understand..
Of course I'm not saying that this system is of no good at all...
Exam somehow still plays an important role in assessing a person's learning progress...
In spite of the fact that scores and marks are the rules to measure one's level,
the phenomenon now is that the students are too obsessed with the score,
until they lose their direction in seeking knowledge...

I would say strong understanding + effective mnemonics techniques is an essential skill or tool a student must have
I dare not to guarantee that a student will score 100% once he or she masters the skill...
but at least, he or she needs not to spend his or her everything on studies..
so that he or she may have more spare time to pursue his or her hobbies and interests...
This is very important in developing one's personality, at least I think so..

So now come to the main point..
I think some of you may know the techniques..
but most of the feedbacks I've got from those who knew is that
they know the techniques, but do not know how to apply that in their studies..
学以自用...that's most important..


Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Monday, May 18, 2009


Watching 'LA Ink'...
Wondering who came up with this stupid thing...
After pondering over this for some time, ah-ha...i knew liao...
The story began 800 years ago...
In order for me to tell my tales more lively, I will do it in chinese this time...


That's how the first tattoo came...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Am I 虚?

Back from Tobacco control training camp in Lenggong park 6 days ago,
terus sick until now
Headache, fever, flu, running nose..
At this very moment, my body played this kinda prank on me...
Luckily I'm not the first A(H1N1) subject in Malaysia...
Or else really "bringing my ancestor an honor" - 光宗耀祖

Aih...people always make fun of me saying that I'm 虚
Am I?

Having running nose or being caught cold is common to me, 
my schoolmates and coursemates always know that...
My case is more or less the same as girls having menstruation..
just that my frequency is sometimes higher than theirs...
Sometimes once a month or twice a month..
If worse, once a week...
If sui sui, 3 days a week..

"aiyoh...sick again ar?"
"no lah, I'm always like this de...not much problem...I'm already used to it.." I said.
" ar....really 虚 loh"

Looking back to some of my more-serious medical history cases...hmm...
In 2004, after back from Penang Bridge Run, 
I thought I was so geng, body so "iong" (in Hokkien - strong) 
I was still able to go to school next day..
but the following day, I fell sick...
Never mind... It's normal what... Many people were absent too after the run..
then after 2 or 3 days, 
Yeah, I was back to school again...
But again...
yeah...the next day I was sick again... =.=
Worse this time, almost being absent for a week..

this year, 2009...
Back from tobacco control training camp...
This is the most enjoyable camp I've ever had..
not much strenuous work except rafting...(I'll talk about this in my next post)
6 meals a day, everyday in air-con room having discussion...
when coming back from camp, 
I thought nothing would happen this time..
oiseh, first day everything's normal..
mana tau...second day, aih... 城门失守
until now only recover..

Am I 虚?
Maybe loh...haha...

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Finally I've got my freedom again...
Exam..Go away lah you~

I've completed my 4th semesters....
4 semesters to go...

I wasn't a bio-background  student..
Sometimes I'm quite proud of myself...
1 semester
7 subjects
8-inch notes
and now they will be gone temporarily from my sight for 2 months...

My booty in last semester:
1) Pharmnight at E&O Hotel
2) My first school magazine, Pharnomena
Front (See my name? Haha)          Back
3) My first school T-shirt



Busy semester's over, but my busy life will still be going on...
My activities in the coming 2 months:
1) Tobacco control campaign training camp
2) YCA leadership camp as usual
3) Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium, Gala Night
Huhu..I'm looking forwards to all of them...

Happy Holiday to those having holiday
Happy Having Exam and Good Luck to those who are still sitting for exam


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Regret in my life

Back home today...
Playing with my childhood toy...
I've been playing it for more than 18 years...
I thought it's like riding a bicycle,
once you knew, forever you know...
but today it seemed to be new to me...
Playing Bach's Prelude VI,
Used to be my piece..
I remembered the melody, but every note I played sounded so strange to me...
They were not under my complete control anymore...
Suddenly a surge of grief from my deep heart...

When my hands went slack, a pencil would struck right on my knuckles
"Play like a spider", that's what my teacher would yell at me...
Sometimes she even knocked my head, "did you practice at home?"
I grinned and answered, "no"
Then I guess you know what will happen next right?
Yeah, another thump on my head...haha...
But I knew that she did all these for my own good...
And she always did...
She always said to me, "I'm seeing you growing up since you were four, you are just like my son"
you know, when she said so, I really felt being pampered and I did enjoy that moment...

Even though I started playing piano since four,
I didn't play well...
because I was forced to learn that time...
that's why I didn't even bother to practice at home...
and you must be thinking that I might have failed my practical exam, right?
I thought so too every time after the exam...
When the result's out, she was always trying to scare me
"Do you think you can pass this time..."
"Nah, I also dunno why...why you can be so lucky passing your exam every time..."
but I don't know why too, simply good luck I think...

Until Grade 6...
Not everyday is Sunday...
I failed my Grade 6 Theory...
and I knew that I'd disappointed her...
and yeah, I had to resit the exam again in the following year...

One day, my teacher called to my mum's handphone, saying wanna talk to me..
"You have to treat me KFC oredi"
"Why?" I said (not that I'm kedekut, just that let me know at least the reason)
"I also can't believe this, my husband said that got one student got distinction in the exam..."
(yeah, I know...the person always wasn't me)
"and to my surprise, it's you, you know? I was so happy..."
I still could remember her happy voice on the phone...she was so much excited
as if her son had won a prize...
Yeah...I was excited too of course...
and you know what, I was even awarded Hedy King Robinson Prize as well...
she would have been proud of me...hehe

Then onwards, I started appreciating music, learning what music is..
And music indeed has been one of my major parts in my life...

Since 1991, I had been spending my time there at her house once every week...
untill 2005 when I went to KL to study...
Then in the same year itself, May or June, I came back for Form 6...
Then I went visit her and she asked if I still wanted to continue playing piano...
She suggested that maybe I could go for I took up the challenge of course...

So going to her house once every week had become my routine again...
But then, one thing had changed.
Why she was wearing a bucket hat?
I didn't really go bother at that time...
As time's passing by, her hair was getting looser and lesser...
I dared not to ask...
Until after a couple of weeks, she told me that she would not teach piano anymore..
"Why?"I asked
"Because teacher's having cancer, I need to take more rest" she said peacefully
At that time, I really didn't know how I was supposed to respond...
I just, "umm..."
Not even a word of care..

After undergoing a series of chemotherapies, I was told that she had become better...
but I didn't how better she would be...
Her hair grew again, she was not as skinny as before...
and I thought everything would go just fine...

Life's always unexpected.
In early of 2006, her mother passed away...

After some weeks, I received a call again...
no more good news this time...
her sister called my mum. I didn't answer the call but my mum..
After the conversation ended, my mum told me in sorrow
"Teacher'd passed away. Later we go and pay our last respect."

You know, it's hard to believe...
A person who had been teaching you, scolding you, whacking you, pampering you since you were small was no longer here anymore, forever...
I was really really really really sad
but I didn't shed a tear...

In her funeral, I looked at her photo...
looking at a familiar face, but knowing that I would not see her again soon...
I really wanted to cry out, crying aloud...
but still I didn't do so in front of people...
Everytime the tear was about to drop, I just took a deep breath and swallowed it back to my stomach...
It is simply so hard not to cry when you are really in deep bereavement...
I was and am still so regretful...
Why I didn't show to her that I do really care for her...
perhaps just simply two words - "Take care"
and now I never ever have a chance to talk to her anymore...

Take care, teacher
If you can see this, I really wanna tell you that
I do really miss you...

My teacher, Ms. Kueenie Wu

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Have you ever seen people crapping?
I bet all of you must have seen various of crappings
How about mine?
Show you then...Enjoy
simple present tense: I crap.
present continuous tense: I'm crapping
present perfect tense: I've crapped
present perfect continuous tense: I've been crapping
simple past tense: I crapped
past continuous tense: I was crapping
conditional tense: I would crap
past perfect tense: I had crapped
future simple tense: I will crap
future perfect tense: I will have crapped
Yeah,I crapped..a lot of craps...

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I think this is my first time exposing my uni life to you all here...
hmm....besides "the 4 precious lessons" that I posted long time ago...
For those who still don't know what uni I'm in, what course I'm in...
so I will lead in by sharing with you all what my current status is..

I'm in USM aka Universiti Sains Malaysia...
some classy people might like to call USM University of Science of Malaysia...
in English, more yeng loh...

So currently I'm in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences...
Wonder what that is? Anything to do with farming...
To be clearer, simplified version
School of Pharmacy...Pharmacy, not farmer...

Some (the elderly) might give me this response,
"Pharmacy ar? Hami lai (What is that)? Si mm si doctor (Is it doctor)? Ohhh....hoo iuk (dispense medication) a hio....zai liao lah (know already lah)..."
"Liao mm si doctor ar (Then it's not doctor ar) ?" =.=

But I don't blame them...because this is the Malaysian pharmacy practice...
Doctors diagnose, doctors prescribe, doctors dispense
For those who know what exactly a pharmacist does, you might be wondering
In the actual fact that dispensing is supposedly pharmacist's job...
Why the doctors are doing this?
If they have taken over pharmacists' job, then what pharmacists do?
Selling supplements loh...haha...Just kidding...
If being heard by my Dean, surely he will spanar me...

Actually for you info, there is something called dispensing right..
meaning to say the right to dispense medication...
for most of the countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and many more,
there is a very distinct border between doctors' roles and pharmacists' roles...
However in Malaysia, we don't have dispensing seperation...
So pharmacists in Malaysia are no longer the sole drug dispensers having dispensing right...
so no seperation loh, all has been taken over by doctors
Instead doctors claim that the pharmacies and clinics are too far away, so it is more convenient for the patients to collect their medication after seeing services kononnya
Hello, you try and seperate and that time, you will be surrounded by pharmacies...

So now you see how pathetic it is to be a pharmacist...
So next time, whenever you see a pharmacist, don't think that they are so hoseh...
actually their hosehness is merely a tin kosong..

Ok, ok...back to me...ermm..
recently I'm quite busy with my homework after busying with all those activities...
it's a good news to me to be with my studies again actually...or else I will only catch up with all the syllabi during study week...that will be hazardous then...

I'm supposed to be at home right now...
Anyway, I'm going home every weekend..
Why I stay back ler this week?
because I have my first pool session today afternoon...
hurray...I've been anticipating this after those boring yet important theory classes...
Oh yeah, what is pool session pula?
This semester I join Scuba diving, so I will be like learning those very basic things about scuba diving...however, I'm still not a diver yet even if I've accomplished the course...
because what I'm taking is just an introductory course...not really open-sea diving course...
you might ask, why don't take open-sea diving course then...
Hmm... the reason is simple...I don't have money loh...

That's why I don't want to talk about myself, this would be endless...
I will keep on talking talking long already I've typed...
Actually I still have many things to share with you all...
But since now it's quite late, so it's time for my liver to do its job....
And ready myself for later-on pool session...
So good night everyone...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My subjective point of view

At this moment, I should have been sitting in the class
but definitely not in my room...
huhu...I skipped class
Anyway, skipping class is not a new thing for me since this semester...
I wonder why the lectures would be so boring
instead the subjects are actually so interesting and of so much fun...
but I should have understood the reasons behind this...

Firstly, literally lecturers are not teachers. They were not trained to teach..

Secondly, if you are eating plain bread every meal everyday with just strawberry jam, will you be still so much expecting what you are going to eat for your next meal...similarly this happens to our lecturers...

Thirdly, the lecturers are to introduce you what the core would be in a subject, but not to teach and spoon-feed they are expecting you to be independent enough to learn on your own...

After listening to so many reasons given by me on behalf of lecturers from my subjective point of view, now why not listening to my excuses why I wanna skip my class then...haha

Firstly, some lecturers are so boring...up to the extent that most of the students in the class are actually doing their own things...of course, there are still some of them who do really pay so much attention to lecturers or some are just so hardworking being a secretary copying word by word from the slides...however, since most of us have already "inherited" the notes from our seniors...basically I don't really bother to copy notes, unless the lectures are interesting and with extra information...

Secondly, some lecturers don't really prepare for the lectures..they even doubted what they said a second before...phew~luckily they managed to correct what they "tersalah cakap" at the end too...

Thirdly, some lecturers just conduct the lectures by reading the slides verbatim...eww...that's irritating me the most...why government pays them so much just to show them how good they could read, instead this kinda tough job could be done by anyone of us....

Fourthly, paling tak boleh tahan is that a lecturer is so much phobia when he's standing in front of us talking to us....walao know what? he closes his eyes while talking in front of the class....but then this gives us advantages too lah...because he would never what's happening behind the lecture hall...hahaha...

But of course lah, I'm not here to say playing truant is good...some lecturers undeniably are good and passionate....
I'm just here to express my "subjective" opinions...
After all, I might change my mind...
Still this is my advice to you all: Go to class

It's time for me to catch the 12pm...ciao~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A short blog

A short blog means the length of this blog is (going to be) short...
but I don't know how short it would be...but this is subjective...
if you find my blog interesting, then you might find it short
if you think that my blog is so walao-eh-boring, then you might find that it seems to be a thousand mile for you to finish it
Sometimes I feel like wanting to blog, but I don't know what to write
It's not that my life is too dull and not deserving a mention
just that I don't want to make blogging an obligation to me...
Life is already full of stress, why should I again place another burden onto myself
instead blogging is so much interesting..
unless you are earning your bread through blogging..
that's different story then...
I'm not and I don't think I can'
When I feel that I want to, then I'll do it..
When I feel that I don't want to, then I don't..

Why I wanna make a short post today?
there are several reasons
1. I have no idea what to write
2. I have endocrine test tomorrow
3. I'm going to go back to hostel soon
4. I haven't taken my bath though now it's already 4.41pm
5. I haven't packed my bag
Aiyah, if I don't want to do something, I can create a myriad of excuses...
Human is like that...I think this is a kinda subconscious self-defensive system...
If you are being questioned, unless you are well-trained or mind-prepared, your auto-pilot system will come out with all sorta excuses to defend yourself...

Okay, after a cascade of preambles...
coming to my topic today...
what am I going to share with you today?
The topic I'm going to talk about today is....

I actually have nothing to share today..I just wanna post something to boost my visitor counts...haha

Now why not you all suggest me a few topics or subjects..
then I may discuss that from my point of view...of course in the first place, you're willing to know what's in my mind...
I think this is new and interesting..
(Too many tagging games nowadays)
but of course if I'm just hallucinating...there is actually no one reading my blog...
then muka tembok a bit loh me, I come out with a topic myself then

So leave me a comment or drop a line on my chatbox
You'll determine my next post...
Thank you

(It's not a short post after all, but somehow, it just....)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tagged by Angelia

Quite shocked knowing that I was tagged by Angelia

Why shocked? Erm...because I don't know her that well..真的是有点“受宠若惊”

I hesitated, "Rhubato...Hmm...,"I was thinking, "Is this Rhubato me?"

"Is there other Rhubato outside there?"

"No gua"

OK lah...since people gave me face tagging me, of course I should pay back my respect

正所谓:“不 TAG 不相识”

1. The last person you tagged is?
I dunno pun...They din respond to literally I tagged no one...

2. Your 5 impression of him/her?
Haiyoh, I tagged no one where got impression

3. The most memorable thing that he/she had ever done for you?
Walao eh, I've told you...I dunno loh

4. The most memorable word he/she ever spoke to you?

5. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
I dunno, I dunno~!!!! OK??!!

6. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will…

7. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on…
You really piss me off

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, it is because
F*** you

9. The most desirable thing for him/her to do is

10. Overall impression towards him/her is win lah...He/She is good lah...Satistied le ma?

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
I'm a honest guy with a dumb-looking specs

12. The character for you yourself is

13. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is?
easily get pissed off...

14. The most ideal person you want to be is

15. TEN people to tag
Haiyah, nobody is going to bother me de lah..

17. Who is #2 having a relationship with?
I tag no one

18. Is #3 a male or a female?
Please open your ear widely...I tag no one

19. If #7 and #10 got together, would that be a good thing?
Please argh...I alraedy dunno what to write le...

20. How about #5 and #8?
I wonder if you're having otitis media

21. What is #1 studying about?
F***....Opps...I've got pissed off again

22. When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Ok..Ok...I "nun" (In hokkien: endure)

23. Is #4 single?
*Breath in*
*Breath out*
Stay calm..stay calm...

24. Say something about #2.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello 2009

Happy New Year
This is my first post in year 2009
Hello to 2009
Hello to you all
Hello to all my friends
Hello to all whom I know
Hello to all who knows me
Hello to myself
and Hello to the world...
Happy 2009...

Actually I'd like to blog since the very first day of 2009
but then my time doesn't allow to do so...

For the past 2 weeks, I was like playing role-playing game...
Sometimes 1) Pharmacy Idol Program Master
Sometimes 2) Pharnomena Art Director
Sometimes 3) APPS Gala Night Head Department
Sometimes 4) Pharmnight Program Master
Sometimes 5) My Study Group's coordinator
Even if you are playing visual games, you do only have one mouse to control one role at one time..
The feeling of being in this situation sucks
Imagine, CS2, you are playing both terrorists and counter-terrorists at the same time using one pc, on mouse and one head...walao eh..
One conclusion: "How to play?"
Yet I haven't included in the lab reports and the assignments that I'm going to face for the coming weeks...
Then this situation will be like:
CS2, playing both terrorists and counter-terrorists, and at the same time, you have to save the hostages from being killed by your terrorists and again, but you as the counter-terrorists, need to take all your terrorist down before all your terrorists kill the hostages. You are playing against yourself. Whichever win or lose, you die too.
Conclusion again: "Walao eh, kanasai...How to play?"

Sometimes multi-tasking might be a good training for someone...
but then I've found that too much of it will instead become a burden for him
I can't focus much on a particular task until I was like losing control over myself
I couldn't plan to do what I want to do..because one of them might just pop out anytime anywhere against my will...
Then my plan will then have to be changed over and over again...
Sometimes, I wish I could stop by, take a rest and think before I continue...
but then now, I seem to be screwing up everything...
waking up,
Taking breakfast
Going to school and sometimes of course ponteng abit...Especially Z&Z's lectures
Taking lunch
Going back to hostel
Doing whatever incomplete
Taking dinner
Then going for meeting
Going back to room

This is my first time experiencing such life...
"I don't know what I'm doing"
but then what to do, I'm the one who put all these shits on me myself...
Still I have to accomplish all these...
So another conclusion:
"I've learned again"

Sien nah~