Friday, March 26, 2010

Letter to our servants

Read Khai Sheng's recent post: The 让 Culture: Featuring TEDxKL.
It's hitting the nail right on my head.
Why Malaysian culture is so much different?
Let's take the example of government servants.

According to,
1. One who is privately employed to perform domestic services.
2. One who is publicly employed to perform services, as for a government.
3. One who expresses submission, recognizance, or debt to another

now we're talking about public servant or government servant,
so let's focus on definition 2.
One who is publicly employed to PERFORM SERVICES.
So, I would assume that performing services is their job.

Whenever I enter any government department/agency office, I would expect to see the servants welcome me with their warmest smile and ask me in the most polite way, "May I help you?/Bolehkah saya membantu?"
Okay, I know. I should wake up. Well, this is Malaysia.
and most of the incidences I dealt with the so-called servants were unpleasant.

They were always so tired pointing their noses up to the ceiling.
They were always having hallucination as if they were CEOs or CCOs
They were always having moodswing and treating the public like their servants.
They were always having so much stress in fact I always see them doing the same thing everyday.

Letter to public servants

Dear government servants,

I'm here writing in to remind you your role as a responsible public servant.
First of all, the public is not your employee. You don't pay us. In fact, we taxpayers pay you.
If you don't treat us as boss, I think most of us are fine with that.
but to the least extent, treat us like your customers.
Even your big boss, our PM was elected by the people.
We've given our trust to him to choose you to serve us.
and perhaps YB should not stand for Yang Berhormat, but Yang Berkhidmat.
I think we people will never want to choose someone to just sit the topmost chair and be idolized.

You are at the very forefront representing the country to serve the people.
We're not supposed to tell you what you should do, but you should do what you should do.
So it's time to think how to be our servants.

Thank you

Best regards,
A humble Malaysian

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pissed off

One little event irritated me today.
I went to HEP (aka DSA) today to follow up my application.
Yeah, I always know that when we talk about money, it's sensitive.
especially talking to those so-called top management
(in fact he's only a fart insect)

I will be okay if you speak to me politely and tell me the reasonings
and normally I will accept.

but seeing that cocky face, he said, "HEP has no money." think I can accept ah..
C'mon, you are here to serve the students,
it's this the best you can say.

After his sentence, it'd created a very awkward atmosphere.
I could immediately sense it from the expressions of another two staffs on the spot.

Then he said, "Lepas ni baru bagi tau"
*Okay, this is a so lame standard answer given by any government servants*
I continued and asked, " Agak-agak bila boleh tau?"
He answered with his cocky face again, "Tak tau"
*If I don't continue asking, you think he will tell me ah*
"Tetapi... my application will be closed at the end of this month already"

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what an officer from HEP answered me.
"Ini pasal you, you kena settle sendiri"

*Walao eh, I'm pelajar, you are from HAL EHWAL PELAJAR. I can't imagine this sentence's coming out from his f mouth. Erlo Boss, if student's affair is not your business, then whose else business? Report police ah or telephone bomba?*

Maybe you were in a bad mood or maybe you were experiencing PMS, but this was definitely not the way how you treated students.
I'm not pissed off because they didn't approve my application.
I'm pissed off because of that stupid idiot cocky F-ker.. shame of USM~!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

World of Convenience

Personally I like to choose the so-called critical time to update my blog.
Kiam-pak! Haha~

Update some bits of my life.
Joined the Mobile Youth Unconference 2010 in Technology Park Malaysia, KL on 11th March.
It's basically a gathering talking about youth marketing.
Yeah, I know this term is new.
In simple words, this was conference where the youth told the corporates what brands they like and what brands they don't like and what marketing strategy actually touches their hearts or what marketing strategy sucks.

As I was invited as one of the youth panel, I was given 8 free passes.
I offered these to my friends around me.
But surprisingly, not many people were actually interested in this.
Maybe this is not relevant to them, I suppose or I was just being too kaypo.
This is an awesome convention I would say, at least from my point of view.
Though the crowd was not huge (I expect to see more youths), it broadened my angle of sight.
Met great people. Indeed a lot of inspiring and motivating input I'd gained from there.
And this definitely will be useful in my future career.

One thing interests me.
Generally (I didn't say ALL), College students are so active in networking compared to public university students.
(My assumption) Perhaps the public uni students are all so-called "The Chosen Ones"..
So they must not waste their time in doing the "time-wasting" things besides getting the best scores to get into Dean's list or First Class.
C'mon. sometimes giving up your CGPA of 0.05 and exposing yourself may give you more than what the 0.05 would offer you..
instead 3.00 and 3.50 are of not much differences..unless you have a 4.00..then I'd shut my mouth up.
At least in my case, first class or second class doesn't matter me much.
Still at the end of the day, we will be standing behind the counter, doing the same thing "aunty, panadol 2 biji 4 kali satu hari" with the SAME pay..

Right after the MYU, back to Penang and the next day was Green Lung AGM.
Meaning to say, after a 9-month tenure, I'm now off the chair.
however I suppose my obligation wouldn't just stop here..
This is a voluntary work anyway..
and there is no "expiry date" until my passion fades away..

And amazingly, maybe bcoz of MYU, people knew about Green Lung.
and yeah, doors are open to Green Lung and just the matter of fact whether it is ready to expose to the shock..
They offered establishing partnership or collaboration with Green Lung..this is definitely a good thing for the future of Green Lung..
however, I'm no longer holding the I better shut up..haha..

Again, MYU & AGM gave me a spark of thought..
"People will choose to be convenient staying in their own comfort zones."
And perhaps this is the hint that I should fully utilize.