Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The art of memory 1

Do you envy those with huge memory capacity?
Some people's brains are like a sponge,
they can simply absorb so much information and data..
You may say, "haiyoh, I also can lah if I want to."
I always know that you can do that too..
provided that you have to commit your 24-hour-per-day solely to your studies...
(Just a metaphor)

However, the biggest difference between those "people" and you is that
they can do that within a very short time
and you may have to spend a good hour concentrating on the subject..
So I suppose a "yes" from you now to my previous question
especially we have been the victims for more than 10 years
under our present national education system which emphasizes much on examination.

Nowadays, the education system stresses much on how well you memorize
rather than how well you understand..
Of course I'm not saying that this system is of no good at all...
Exam somehow still plays an important role in assessing a person's learning progress...
In spite of the fact that scores and marks are the rules to measure one's level,
the phenomenon now is that the students are too obsessed with the score,
until they lose their direction in seeking knowledge...

I would say strong understanding + effective mnemonics techniques is an essential skill or tool a student must have
I dare not to guarantee that a student will score 100% once he or she masters the skill...
but at least, he or she needs not to spend his or her everything on studies..
so that he or she may have more spare time to pursue his or her hobbies and interests...
This is very important in developing one's personality, at least I think so..

So now come to the main point..
I think some of you may know the techniques..
but most of the feedbacks I've got from those who knew is that
they know the techniques, but do not know how to apply that in their studies..
学以自用...that's most important..


Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Monday, May 18, 2009


Watching 'LA Ink'...
Wondering who came up with this stupid thing...
After pondering over this for some time, ah-ha...i knew liao...
The story began 800 years ago...
In order for me to tell my tales more lively, I will do it in chinese this time...


That's how the first tattoo came...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Am I 虚?

Back from Tobacco control training camp in Lenggong park 6 days ago,
terus sick until now
Headache, fever, flu, running nose..
At this very moment, my body played this kinda prank on me...
Luckily I'm not the first A(H1N1) subject in Malaysia...
Or else really "bringing my ancestor an honor" - 光宗耀祖

Aih...people always make fun of me saying that I'm 虚
Am I?

Having running nose or being caught cold is common to me, 
my schoolmates and coursemates always know that...
My case is more or less the same as girls having menstruation..
just that my frequency is sometimes higher than theirs...
Sometimes once a month or twice a month..
If worse, once a week...
If sui sui, 3 days a week..

"aiyoh...sick again ar?"
"no lah, I'm always like this de...not much problem...I'm already used to it.." I said.
" ar....really 虚 loh"

Looking back to some of my more-serious medical history cases...hmm...
In 2004, after back from Penang Bridge Run, 
I thought I was so geng, body so "iong" (in Hokkien - strong) 
I was still able to go to school next day..
but the following day, I fell sick...
Never mind... It's normal what... Many people were absent too after the run..
then after 2 or 3 days, 
Yeah, I was back to school again...
But again...
yeah...the next day I was sick again... =.=
Worse this time, almost being absent for a week..

this year, 2009...
Back from tobacco control training camp...
This is the most enjoyable camp I've ever had..
not much strenuous work except rafting...(I'll talk about this in my next post)
6 meals a day, everyday in air-con room having discussion...
when coming back from camp, 
I thought nothing would happen this time..
oiseh, first day everything's normal..
mana tau...second day, aih... 城门失守
until now only recover..

Am I 虚?
Maybe loh...haha...