Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unilever coming to Malaysia

Can you imagine Unilever is now doing Network Marketing Business in Malaysia?
So what? If can see business opportunities worth million here.

You might doubt or question the company if you don't know what Unilever is.
But what if after you've known the brands under Unilever that you might have been using them in your daily life e.g. Dove body shampoo, Wall's ice cream etc?

If you are fresh graduate or if you are looking for second income or if you are pursuing financial freedom yet don't know where to go, this might be an option for you. Even if you're still a student and wanting to build financial foundation since young, this would be an appropriate model for you to start with too.

Success might not comes easily unless you work for it. But one thing for sure, success will never come to you when you don't even bother to be successful.

Malaysia is the second country after Thailand where Unilever launches Network Marketing business. So if you see the future, please do not hesitate to contact me via email rhuyann@gmail.com or via mobile 016-412 5604. Any region in Malaysia is welcomed.

For more you could visit www.unidsys.com/rhuyann

Friday, April 1, 2011

6R33N 1UN6

I did one. How about you?

Friday, March 4, 2011

What's in psychiatric ward

Finished my second week of clerkship. Was at psychiatric ward.
I'm not blogging about the drugs or diseases in the wards or else you guys would just walk off. I just wanna share with you something that is actually on-going in the ward.

How does psychiatric ward look like?
Erm...physically nothing's much different from normal ward. White beds, white walls except that the ward has an open yet confined area for the patients to wander around (Yeah, they will wander around aimlessly).
Anyway this is psychiatric ward and those patients who are admitted to the ward are normally not aggressive.If aggressive, i think diazepam (tranquilizer) stat (immediately) will be injected. Actually you seldom have the chance to see the patients going berserk at least for me, i saw none of these cases.

So what about the patients?
Most of the cases are having schizophrenia. (In simpler word, schizophrenic patients are the ones who couldn't differentiate between real and unreal experiences). And some other cases would be depression, bipolar disorder etc. They sing Negaraku every morning and sometimes they play games too with the student nurses - Music Chairs. Not many patients are playing this out of their willingness. C'mon some of them are already geriatrics. Walking might be a problem for them, still want them to play such a hear-attack game. But no choice, they have to play or else they will be labeled as "Not following instruction". Might be restrained on the bed. Haha.

How do these patients look like?
Erm...the appearance wise, they look just like us maybe not that tidy (I think the students who are in study week will look more terrible than them). Behavior wise, some of them are in depressed mood, some of them are in "excited" mood, but most of them are "mood-less". When you talk to them, they are very thrifty in speech. Their speech are disorganized. No focus. Their thoughts are normally not on your track. Some delude and hallucinate about people trying to harm him/her, hearing the voices talking to him/her and all sorta of stories which might interest us.  Their stories are fancy anyway. To the left, genius, to the right, psycho. Just a thin borderline between genius and psycho. Of course, if you are health care provider, you have to be professional enough. Sometimes the story stimulates you to laugh (I know if i use the word "amusing" you people will say me cruel or bloodless), but you need to suppress your "desire".

Those who had suicidal ideation or attempt are sent here too. You can see from the cases that quite a big proportion of the patients are having suicidal ideation or attempt. It might be due to the drugs that they're taking. But on the other hand, one thing we need to look into is the environmental stressor which deposits the risk or tendency.

They are having mental problems. Something within their brains had gone haywire. It's out of their control to have suicidal thoughts. They don't want too. I heard a patient said this to the psychiatrist, "Dr, I have the thought of killing myself, but I don't want to die."
Most recently you can see those so-called Silly Love Saints committed suicide due to all sorta fancy relationship problems. They acted as if they were actors or actresses. In movies, they have NGs, but not in our lives. Basically I just wanna say, you can't regret it when you're dead. They will mourn for you.

To know more about schizophrenia in a more scientific way, you can visit here

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lighten my day

People asked me to update my sampat blog.
But I don't really have ilham what to write about so i just simply scribble here.

Hmm...having finished my first clerkship at community pharmacy.
So far so good. Seeing people going in and out the pharmacy. Rupa-rupanya many people get sick every now and then. Good thing or bad thing? Good thing. If there's no one sick, no business for pharmacies and clinics. Bad thing. Being sick is definitely something not good.

It's pretty boring though I did learn something there of course. But on the last day one patient did lighten my day. An indian uncle. I helped him to do BP (Blood Pressure) check-up. So after the check-up, a brief counseling session.

After the session he said to me, "You're a good pharmacist."

I don't know whether this is just a flattery or of sincerity. But I do believe it's the latter. Even if it's the former, no worry, still I will take it as the latter. Haha.

It's something huge to me because all the while my friends always said I don't look like a pharmacist. Seriously he did inspire me.

This small little tiny compliment made my heart warm. It's so much warmer than someone saying me more handsome than Tom Cruise.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Year of Rabbit

Don't expect too much from this post
because I just wanna say, "Giong hee huat cai. Huat ah~!"
Wish you all a healthy and prosperous new year
With all the happiness
And bless