About Me

Taken at Universal Studio, SG
RY1: Rhuyann 1
RY2: Rhuyann 2

Here's the interview.
RY1: Hi. What's your name?
RY2: Erm...paiseh ler..
RY1: What lah...what's your name?
RY2: Erm...erm... (silent for a few seconds)..Rhu..Rhuyann..
RY1: (Annoyed) Okay, Rhuyann...Nice to meet you..
RY2: What about you?
RY1: What what about me?
RY2: I mean...your name?
RY1: Oh, my name is Rhuyann.
RY2: (Shocked) Rhuyann?! It can't be..
RY1: Yes, it could..
RY2: No, it can't..
RY1: Yes, it could..
RY2: No, it can't..
Since then RY1 and RY2 live happily ever after.

Things that I don't put on my CV:

Taken at Geongbukgung, Seoul, KOR
  • I love traveling since my first trip flying on plane and I wish I'm going to print my footsteps on every possible land.
  • I read business-related books and self-enrichment books more than pharmacy books.
  • I have many books on my shelf left untouched and normally I won't finish a book from cover to cover.
  • I wish to collect all Apple products in the future and yeah I'm a big fans of Apple and Steve Jobs. Definitely I'm using macbook :D
  • I love to watch movie alone with popcorn. I just love to put all my foci into the movie.
  • I knew how to draw before I knew how to write and one of my achievement was that I was titled as artist when I was 12, beating all those uncles aunties in one open exhibition.
  • I did potrait and sketches using charcoal and pencils and I don't know how to use water colors. I suck in water coloring.
  • I love slacking at home. Doing nothing and letting my mind going wild. That's where most of my ideas came from.
  • I love sweet food. Ice kacang, fruit cakes, chocolates and all kinda desserts are all my best loves. 
  • I don't like exercise ever since I injured myself. I love wushu, but it had left me many wounds. 
  • I played fencing for one and a half year and I quitted. Reason? I'm lazy to walk from my hostel to the practice court. Haha. And yeah, I bought a whole suite with one blade. 
  • I failed my Piano Grade 4 or 5 (I forgot) and Theory Grade 6. I skipped Piano Grade 7 and won Hedy King Robinson Prize for Theory Grade 6 when I retook the exam.
  • I'm quiet sometimes when I'm alone and I'll talk to myself when I'm alone.
  • I use many pillows. One under my head, one around my arms, one behind my back and one under my feet.
  • I have never worked as a part-timer before and if there's a chance for me to work part-time for a day, please call me.
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