Friday, January 23, 2009

Tagged by Angelia

Quite shocked knowing that I was tagged by Angelia

Why shocked? Erm...because I don't know her that well..真的是有点“受宠若惊”

I hesitated, "Rhubato...Hmm...,"I was thinking, "Is this Rhubato me?"

"Is there other Rhubato outside there?"

"No gua"

OK lah...since people gave me face tagging me, of course I should pay back my respect

正所谓:“不 TAG 不相识”

1. The last person you tagged is?
I dunno pun...They din respond to literally I tagged no one...

2. Your 5 impression of him/her?
Haiyoh, I tagged no one where got impression

3. The most memorable thing that he/she had ever done for you?
Walao eh, I've told you...I dunno loh

4. The most memorable word he/she ever spoke to you?

5. If he/she becomes your lover, you will…
I dunno, I dunno~!!!! OK??!!

6. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will…

7. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on…
You really piss me off

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, it is because
F*** you

9. The most desirable thing for him/her to do is

10. Overall impression towards him/her is win lah...He/She is good lah...Satistied le ma?

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
I'm a honest guy with a dumb-looking specs

12. The character for you yourself is

13. On the contrary, the character you hate yourself is?
easily get pissed off...

14. The most ideal person you want to be is

15. TEN people to tag
Haiyah, nobody is going to bother me de lah..

17. Who is #2 having a relationship with?
I tag no one

18. Is #3 a male or a female?
Please open your ear widely...I tag no one

19. If #7 and #10 got together, would that be a good thing?
Please argh...I alraedy dunno what to write le...

20. How about #5 and #8?
I wonder if you're having otitis media

21. What is #1 studying about?
F***....Opps...I've got pissed off again

22. When was the last time you had a chat with them?
Ok..Ok...I "nun" (In hokkien: endure)

23. Is #4 single?
*Breath in*
*Breath out*
Stay calm..stay calm...

24. Say something about #2.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello 2009

Happy New Year
This is my first post in year 2009
Hello to 2009
Hello to you all
Hello to all my friends
Hello to all whom I know
Hello to all who knows me
Hello to myself
and Hello to the world...
Happy 2009...

Actually I'd like to blog since the very first day of 2009
but then my time doesn't allow to do so...

For the past 2 weeks, I was like playing role-playing game...
Sometimes 1) Pharmacy Idol Program Master
Sometimes 2) Pharnomena Art Director
Sometimes 3) APPS Gala Night Head Department
Sometimes 4) Pharmnight Program Master
Sometimes 5) My Study Group's coordinator
Even if you are playing visual games, you do only have one mouse to control one role at one time..
The feeling of being in this situation sucks
Imagine, CS2, you are playing both terrorists and counter-terrorists at the same time using one pc, on mouse and one head...walao eh..
One conclusion: "How to play?"
Yet I haven't included in the lab reports and the assignments that I'm going to face for the coming weeks...
Then this situation will be like:
CS2, playing both terrorists and counter-terrorists, and at the same time, you have to save the hostages from being killed by your terrorists and again, but you as the counter-terrorists, need to take all your terrorist down before all your terrorists kill the hostages. You are playing against yourself. Whichever win or lose, you die too.
Conclusion again: "Walao eh, kanasai...How to play?"

Sometimes multi-tasking might be a good training for someone...
but then I've found that too much of it will instead become a burden for him
I can't focus much on a particular task until I was like losing control over myself
I couldn't plan to do what I want to do..because one of them might just pop out anytime anywhere against my will...
Then my plan will then have to be changed over and over again...
Sometimes, I wish I could stop by, take a rest and think before I continue...
but then now, I seem to be screwing up everything...
waking up,
Taking breakfast
Going to school and sometimes of course ponteng abit...Especially Z&Z's lectures
Taking lunch
Going back to hostel
Doing whatever incomplete
Taking dinner
Then going for meeting
Going back to room

This is my first time experiencing such life...
"I don't know what I'm doing"
but then what to do, I'm the one who put all these shits on me myself...
Still I have to accomplish all these...
So another conclusion:
"I've learned again"

Sien nah~