Tuesday, December 14, 2010


17 months seeing an organization from a seed to today's landscape. I feel really proud of what we've been doing. When we were a nobody, we were running here and there to ask for support. We had nothing. Not a single eraser we own. Gradually from one university to another university. More and more people are joining us. Seeing the facebook fans from 10 to 100, to 1000 until 2000. Until today, people around us finally see us, recognize us. Not only local, but around the region too. The Singapore Health Promotion Director heard about our name too. That's exciting. Yes, I'm talking Green Lung -  a very own Malaysian social brand that I'm proud of. 

All started because we believe a dream. A dream that until today many people still don't believe in. Yes, it's attitude. We don't sleep and dream but we dream and wake up and start walking. That's the difference between their dreams and our dream. 

Many people questioned us on how we measure our success. Have we successfully turned USM into a smoke-free campus? How many smokers had we successfully helped them to quit? These are tangible indicators. Yes, to be honest, we haven't achieved any yet. The least we had done was that at least we could make them start to think why we need a smoke-free environment. In the past, they may feel nothing sitting around the smokers. Today, their perceptions might have changed. They start feeling uneasy and horrible dipped in the big smoky jar. The reason why we target youths is because they will grow up one day and their perceptions are the key determinant of our future. To change the world, change the youths or even children if we could today for better tomorrow. 

We won't stop until we are free from the nasty smokes. And ya, a preview - we are going to Malacca soon!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ridiculous ideas always from friends

The most ridiculous idea always comes from friends.
Sometimes it's ridiculous, but it just works! Haha. Just finished an online meeting. Was discussing about the name of the event. and say what? Yeah, we got it! Thanks to Sawako! Your somehow spontaneous idea gave us a great name!
For this moment, I shall keep the name secret. ^^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advisor's advice

Recently a friend of mine asked help from me to design them a logo. Okay. That would be certainly fine. Though I'm not that kinda so artistic person with so much artistic temper, I do have some too. Giving me some suggestions to improve the design is okay for me. After all you have the ownership of the design. But please do respect our creativity and imagination.

Okay, this is what happened. I received an email this morning.
Hi Rhu Yann,
Below is a suggestion from our advisor..Can you make some changes?? Just a little change....
This is from my friend. I know he's being difficult sandwiched between me and his so-called advisor.

His advisor's original piece of suggestion:
Nice ...would suggest leave out the stero type formal men and women..and replace it with the logo of the World Volunteers Web (just google)..perhaps the logo within a large heart
..love in the air ..big heart...
From Dato' I-am-advisor (To protect privacy)
So you know what he's trying to ask me to do huh? He's so good to make use of technology and kind enough to provide me the source where to plagiarize. Awesome. You see the word "Replace"? I know why we have Proton Inspira now. And what the heck? Stereotype?! I can't believe this word coming out from his mouth. Shit!

I just can't understand what's rolling inside your mind, Mr. Dato. If you think that WVW is doing a great job and you wish to be like them, that's not that way. They had branded themselves so well, please lah, don't be copycat. That's the stupidest thing to do. Do your own branding lah.

If you just need the logo from the website, you can just ask anyone to "copy" that instead of complimenting me "Nice..." and asking me to replace my design with something else which is already existing and being the flagship logo for that organization. If this is the case, we don't need designer. That's totally bullshit. When I saw this, I could foresee our future. If this doesn't change now, we will be in big time problem.

Our world now is a Right Brain-Oriented World. Knowledge workers like doctors, lawyers, accountants, managers etc. are the persons who could apply the theory into practice and put things into order. But Right Brains outside there who are able to create things out of nothing are doing the revolution and transformation. If you are attentive enough, you could notice the change.

Conclusion: Advisor's advice may be sound but may not be right (and sometimes ridiculous), even if he's a Dato.

And what did I do after this? ^^ I won't do a single amendment on my design.

Enough is enough

Do you know? While you are spending two hours watching "Rapunzel", one sexual crime is happening out there. And to your surprise, one out of two victims is just a child.

Child abuse or sexual crimes against children cases could be seen almost everyday on newspaper. This has come to a what-I-call-beast-like stage. According to YB Chong Eng's blog, sexual crimes including rape, sodomy and incest had increased from 2427 cases in 2005 to 4238 cases in 2009. The increase is about 100% and half of the victims were children under 16 years. And what heats me up is that only 4% of the rape suspects are found guilty by court.
Full article of YB Chong Eng, please go here.

Two months ago, a campaign called Kempen Rakyat Pulau Pinang had been launched in Penang to raise the awareness on sexual crimes against children. It aims to bring about a safe society for our children, free from sexual crimes.

What you can do?
1) Register yourself as a volunteer. Go here
2) Support and join their activities. Maybe gotta sacrifice your sleeping. If no one's moving, don't expect change.
3) Volunteer to help in their campaigns or activities if you have time.
4) Help distribute their awareness-building materials.
5) Report abuse case. To where, of course police lah.
6) Spread the words to your friends and family.

They deserve a wonderful childhood.
No more cases we wish to see and hear.
Enough is enough.
Your extra attention helps stop all these.

Contact: 04-2624059
Email: kempenrakyat@gmail.com
Kempen Rakyat Pulau Pinang
c/o 9th floor, Penang Chinese Town Hall Building,
22 Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.

What I had contributed? I helped design their logo and T-shirts *wink*

Kempen Rakyat
Pulau Pinang

Monday, December 6, 2010



视钱如粪土者请自行离开。please click here

Sorry for not having English version. A lil lazy to translate.
For English translation, please go here. But...you need your imagination a bit.



Sunday, December 5, 2010

Self interest vs Social interest

Been involving myself in the so-called advocacy campaign for roughly one year and 4 months. Learned a lot, saw a lot and opened my eyes a lot. Of course there are more awaiting me to explore, which I'm always anticipating.
My crude intention joining such campaign was that I felt the calling to do something for the society and our future. Social interest always comes first. Yup, that's always true when we're to serve the society. But as time goes by, especially when you are holding the steer of an organization, I realized that overemphasizing social interest (or neglecting self interest) will create an unbalanced phenomenon in the long run- sustainability problem. Let me explain this.
For most of the NGOs or voluntary organizations like us, we are much dependent on external funding. Every time when we are to initiate a program or activity, we would scratch our ass so hard figuring out where to look for the money. Money money money~always the root of troubles. But is this the only model that we could survive on? Showing our palm and waiting for good mood?
Idealism is good but unrealistic. If you don't take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of the rest. Let's take a very simple example. When you're aboard, during the safety demo, you are advised to put on the oxygen mask first before your kids. The reason I think you know very well.
I'm not saying going to extreme, but finding a pivot between self interest and social interest. To name one f**king bad example. Once in a circumstance, I found out that the top management officials had misappropriated the profit while each department were only given a very tight budget to work on. I don't want to say more. One word, shit! That's definitely not the "self interest" I'm talking about. Transparency rules.
What I mean is do not take other people's time for granted. Let's say, a voluntary work. Volunteers volunteer themselves to help out, yet somehow sometimes we need to show our gratitude in a tangible way, not just "thank you". This is the self interest of the volunteers.
Next the self interest of the committee members. Passion is passion. But if you want to sustain an organization, passion is not bread. Please do buy their time. Or else you are worse than any capitalist.
To a bigger picture, the self interest of the organization. Most of the time, they like to claim themselves as non-PROFIT organizations. C'mon, how are you going to survive without money? Unless you find yourself a big pipe which channels in the money forever, then you can be Mother Teresa. Mind you, not many Mother Teresa in this world. Only one. Still one day the petroleum will go drought too. So how to make your organization's activities profitable is extremely important to support its survival, to the least extent the management still could operate optimally. Therefore revenue stream should be included in the strategic planning. If not, you are not strategic enough.
Cut short, for advocates, if you want to keep your social impact alive, please balance yourself between self interest and social interest or in other words, idealism and reality. Period.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My New Toy

I've been always a big fans of Apple. First iPod shuffle, next Macbook and then tada~ my new toy - iPhone 4.
Why I love Apple? 
1) They look sexy. Simple and nice - Always being different.
2) Apple is all about how it connects to every bit of my life. From music to design, from work to communication.
3) They cares about details. They are user-friendly, seriously. They knows how to make the machines talk to you. They are more than just machines.

Why I find myself so many reasons? Haha. This is always what a typical consumer does. He or she will find any logical and rational reasons to back up his or her desire. Just like when you ask a girl why she wanna buy shoes. She will give all sorta non-sense reasons. Haha. Most of the time, it's emotion driven. So just say you like it when you like it! ^^ 
iPhone 4
Full set
Sync-ing with iTune
Full with Apps

Friday, December 3, 2010

T-shirt Designs for MyPSA

Tada~ New designs from me. Erm...not so new, but still new..haha..
They are the new designs for MyPSA T-shirts (Malaysian Pharmacy Students' Association). They are on sales now! For M'sia Pharmacy students, please do support ya. You can order the t-shirt from your school pharmacy society. Wee~
Hope you like 'em!
I'm a drug expert

MyPSA, our identity

Pharmacist in the making
It's always fun playing with Photoshop and Illustrator..
I do help do freelance to earn some pocket money. All sorta designing works including T-shirts, logos, brochures, booklets, posters, name cards and so on.
If you need a design and don't know where to go, come to me..Haha..