Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Coming back soon

Having exam from 11th to 19th.
First and the last exam in Kelantan.
Left one paper. *ngek ngek*
Be in offline mode until 19th to update the rest.
What to update next?
1) My last YLA experience - we won the prize!
2) Things I saw in Korea - I love Korea!
3) The upcoming plan of mine - something big's going on....
 I'll be back soon.

Anyway there is an event on this coming Saturday (20 Nov) that you might want to find it out - TEDxYouth@KL. But I'm not sure whether they are still giving out the tickets.
Check it out on their Facebook to find out more.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Free ticket to Korea

Mai Kawan-kawan..tengok sini..
Kimchi Rice Cake and Fish Cake - My first breakfast
Dongdaemun shopping malls
Dongdaemun Flee Market
If food, shopping, cultural visit and night life are always what you're looking for, Seoul definitely is your must-go place.And what's more exciting is that now my friend is organizing an online contest  giving out FREE round trip to Korea. Go and grab the chance!
Deadline: 19th November
Visit his blog - LeX Paradise and join the contest.As simple as that!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soul of Asia

Bongeun-sa (Temple)

Nandaemun Market
Sleeping guard
Random angle of Geongbuk-gung

Random shot
Korean BBQ

"lan yeng"
Gong~ Time to change shift! Stay tuned for more interesting events
and people I met in Korea.