Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sour Apple

Does an apple taste sweet?
you say yes, I say no.
I say, apple tastes sour.
No, you say. Apple tastes sweet.
I say, no, apple tastes sour.
You say, but most of the people say apple tastes sweet.
I say, true, most of the people, but not me. I'm not most of the people.
You can't use most of the people's judgement to judge me.
I can't prove you wrong, but it doesn't mean you're right.
Because you can't prove me wrong too.
If I'm not wrong, then I might be right.
Many people are afraid of doing something different.
and they think that what most people are doing is always right, and they don't challenge it.
in fact, even if you do something different, as long as it is not proved right or wrong.
so no one could say that it's right or wrong.
when something is not right or wrong until the end of the day,
what are you afraid of?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Korea APPS 2010

My skin's really gatal..
I don't feel like blogging when I'm free..
but I feel to blog when tomorrow I have a quiz followed by another one on friday..
reason? my skin's gatal loh...

Okay. Some updates about my life..
My last post talked about my first experience as a backpacker in Hong Kong..
(Erm..not really talking about the experience anyway..just allow me to say so, ok?)
APPS in ice sculpture 
Then in July, I attended APPS (Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium) in Seoul..What I did there? To join the symposium of course the first thing is...
This time i did bring a mission too..which is to present Green Lung to my dear friends from different countries..
but the story didn't go that well...
I was informed that i would be having 40 minutes to do my presentation...
i was supposed to present after the regional meeting..
so i did prepare up to 70 colorful slides with so much of my brain juice inside..
Ok..i mean that's perfectly fine to me...in fact i was excited for being given such a long time..
i joined the boring regional meeting (If I wouldn't have to present, I wouldn't be there since morning until evening)
I waited..waited..waited..
opps..the meeting was over time..(supposedly should be ended at let's say 7pm, it's now 8.20pm)
The participants' faces were filled with vengeance (because they should have enjoyed their free night right now out there in this dynamic night city)...and now they passed the time to me..
The chairperson told me, "can you finish this within 10 min?"
"Erm..I try lah"
"Cannot ler..must be within 10 min"
That's how I cut down a 40-minute presentation to exactly 10-minute presentation..
Seriously, it's kinda tough to talk short..
I only had a couple of minutes to prioritize my whole presentation framework..
but luckily I supposed it ended well..I treasured this 10 minutes in hope of passing through my messages and passion at my very best..
Feedback I got:
1) You're a good speaker (I hope so..haha..even though that time I spoke f*ckingly fast)
2) Your presentation was inspiring (This is much more inspiring for me..hehe)
3) I'd like to invite you to Japan to present in the future (OK, this is what I like the most..haha...)

And the following outcomes after my presentation are (a) APRO had decided to place the collaboration between IPSF-APRO and Green Lung as one of their projects of priority (b) A guy from India talked to me saying that he wishes to set up Green Lung in India (That's exciting)

How about my life in Seoul?
I like the city honestly...It's simply great..
Group photo in front of their ancient court
Korean traditional festive dance
Typical Korean meal
Night scene at dunno-what-gang (river)
I've made a lot of friends from different countries from this symposium..
With Thai girls during International Night
and definitely I'm looking forward to the next one in Indonesia (In fact, I'd booked the ticket to Indon..haha)

I did try some new stuffs in Korea too..
1) I drank beer and their traditional alcohols
Koreans love beer!
Korean rice alcohol. It's nice
2) I experienced the mabuk-ness (I know we looked so retarded here)
Choon Fu and I were mabuk already
3) I challenged T-express in Everland (The world steepest wooden ride in the world..c'mon 75 degree ler...Initially a chicken like me wouldn't never wanna take this ride..just that my friends from UiTM challenged me..for the sake of my face, I die die also had to take liao..)
T-Express at Everland
Silk worms they are. Put into your mouth.
Great view with blue sky and greenery
4) I ate an octopus alive (of course, it was chopped into small pieces lah..but then tentacles were still moving...you can catch the video on my Facebook) and silk wormsI love Korea (Snapped in Nami Island where Winter Sonata was shot)

Okay, so what's next in my life..
I'm going to Kelantan next Monday to do my clerkship...
In this coming October, I'm going to..guess what...Korea again!!!
(What for i'm doing there again? hehehe....to attend another conference..it's called The 4th Global Conference of Alliance for Healthy Cities....since USM sponsored me...why not? Haha)

Catch up with you guys soon...back to my notes then..