Friday, October 29, 2010

Different Starbucks

Iced Chocholate Cream Chip
At Starbucks now.
Having the same chocholate cream chip.
Seeing the same interior.
Same cup, same straw.
Same table, same chairs.
But it's different.
Because I'm blogging moer than 4000km from Malaysia - Seoul!! kaka...
Menu in Korean

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm Malaysian

4 times I said this,"I'm Malaysian."

First time.
Food poisoning at midnight. Freaking painful. Was sent to hospital. Almost half dead I was. Lying on the bed, a doctor approached me and look at my profile, said,"Are you a Korean?" (What kinda F question at this moment?)
"Nope, I'm Malaysian."

Second time.
Completed my assignment. Going to present in front of professor through viva (aka oral presentation). Professor browsed through our names. "ABC, what a nice name you have" (It's a she)
"Ho Rhu Yann. Are you a Korean?"
"Nope, I'm Malaysian." (what the =.=)
Next, "XYZ, you definitely are Malaysian."

Third time.
Press conference. Reporter asked, "May I have your name?"
"Ho Rhu Yann"
"How to spell?"
"H..O...R...H...U...Y...A...N...N..." He's busy jotting it down.
"Oooo.....Are you a Korean?"
"Nope, I'm Malaysian."

Fourth time.
Last 2 days. Clerkship at TDM Department. Preceptor requested us to introduce ourselves.
My turn.
"I'm Rhu Yann."
"Yang mana?" Scrolling down the list. "Oooo...Ho-Rhu-Yann."
"Yes I am."
"Your name looks like Korean name."
"Is it? Haha." o.O (OS: I'm Malaysian)

Ho-Rhu-Yann with my look. 
Does it make you feel that I'm a Korean? o.O

Friday, October 8, 2010

Three spicy calls

If you've ever been to Nando's, 3 different spicy levels or 4 they have. (Something's missing here), Mild, Hot and Super Hot.

On 21 Sept 2010 around 1.30pm. I got back to my room to refresh myself a little bit after oncology ward. Three spicy calls inspired my day.

First call from USM HEP.
Spicy level: Mild
4th AFHC 2010
They had confirmed my flight to Korea. 내가 한국에 갈거야! (In English: I'm going to Korea) Departing on 23th Oct to Korea. Presenting Green Lung and its ideology in 4th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities. Mayors and city developers from all over the world will be gathering in Gangnam-gu for 4 days to look into the issues of creating and sustaining a healthy setting in their respective countries. Our focus this time will be sharing Green Lung's stories and letting them discover the potential capacity of youths in creating mass change in hope that the authorities would engage and empower the youths as the change agents in any near future planning.

Second call from Pusat Racun Negara.
Spicy level: Hot
En Nazri asked if I could go down to KL and talk to UKM Green Lung. That would be definitely fantastic for me! I couldn't find a reason for myself to say no anyway. One, I could free myself from Kelantan for at least 3 days. Haha. And two, I'm glad that I could not only have the opportunity to share with more greenlungers, but also have the chance to motivate and inspire myself through talking to them. It's a motivating week for me! Even though I had to finish up my assignment at MidValley's McD and send to my group leader within 1 hour before my laptop battery's out.

Third call from New Straits Times.
Spicy level: Super Hot
Around 1.45pm when I was about to take a quick bath after the two calls, another call came in. Roz on the line, calling from NST. She asked if she could interview me for a column called "Inspiring Youth Malaysian". I was super excited about this though I know it might be something big for me at this moment. That's not the reason I should turn down the offer. Perhaps this would be the driving force to spur and motivate me to be a better me in the future especially this was done publicly.This had indeed spiced up my day!
p/s: This interview was not done face-to-face as she thought that I'm in KL, but through email.
I never knew that they will crop my face just fit enough to be placed in the box
Click to read
Notice it or not? One thing in common. All these three calls were related to Green Lung. XD