Sunday, June 27, 2010

Experience on plane

This was my first long and backpacking trip.
Of course I was excited about it. But when I was aboard the plane, my mood's almost spoilt.
At 1650, the engine vroomed and now I was off the ground, heading to Macau. Yoohoo. Holiday here I come!
I tilted down my seat and laid back cosily to enjoy the next 3 and a half hour journey. Suddenly I felt a thump on the back of my seat. WTH! I turned around and saw a middle-aged women. From her face, I immediately knew that she's definitely a "Pat Po" (Bitch).
She spoke to me in a rural-accent chinese, "can you tilt up the seat? I feel not comfortable."
I ran my eyes over her from her head to her toe. Walao, shorty you, your knees did not even touch my seat. How uncomfortable would you be? Or you feel more comfortable sticking your f*king face onto my seat, don't you?
Okay fine! Seeing you are old nia. I give you face. I tilted my seat up.
Of course after that I kesi kesi kept on tilting down my seat.
And most beh tong thing was that that pat po and her gang were so freaking noisy. They chattered non-stop throughout the journey. They paused only when they had their dinner in their mouth and that's the only time I felt the peaceful moment from them.
Only from them oh..not from the whole plane.
I don't know why, maybe my luck was not good. Zooming out from my seat, the whole plane was almost occupied by passengers of same kind. Die loh. The plane was walao so so so so so so so so x n noisy! They were from China. Now I can make a conclusion. China people are noisy. (you may say that I'm biased or what, but I don't care) They talked like nobody's business. From scientific perspective, maybe they were high that time and couldn't control their adrenaline rush.
Okay, the day's getting darker. Those pat po's started shutting up their mouths. Suddenly, I heard a melody. Weird. Airasia normally played only classical music. How come it sounded like chinese song. I tried to give my ear to the song. Something's not right. The singing sucked. Definitely not from the PA.
Khai Sheng decided to check it out. Now believe it or not. He said there were 2 China girls singing karaoke. Fulamak~!!
A flight attendant passed by our seats and looked at me. I replied him with my eyes. He asked, "Do you need anything, sir?"
I paused. "It's very merry here." =.=

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quality control

Let the pictures tell the stories.