Saturday, January 8, 2011


You all know Inception. Basically it talks about architecting the mind under the control of your will. But how many of you did experience inception? I did.
This was what I experienced.
I don't know how I got myself in the dream. This always remains mysterious. You will never know when you are in the dream until you are dreaming. Haha. Got me? Nevermind, forget about it.
I was walking on a street. I walked walked walked....walked walked walked...This is also an interesting part of a dream. The transition of two scenes is always irrelevant. This moment you might be in the classroom, the next moment maybe you are singing in KTV room. Okay sorry..too much distraction. I shall continue.
I walked walked walked..walked walked walked..until I came to a room (I forgot what room that was)..
Then suddenly I felt the natural call - means I wanna pee. Haha. I don't know why in that dream, I was so into it. I knew that I was in my dream. I knew I need to wake up and so pee. Mentally, psychologically, biologically and whatever-cally I felt the urge. I needed to go to toilet. But I think my soul was trapped in the dream. I strived so hard to wake up before it's late. I used mind power. I screamed (Idiot me, I was trying to wake myself up). Then last resort - I tried to hit myself, hopefully I would feel the pain and wake up.
The urge was getting more and more intense. My bladder (refers to the real self and the one in the dream..hard to understand? yeah, i think so too) was going to explode. I knew my last defense will be down any time soon. Then...I slapped myself (in the dream). For your information this is a controlled act. 
One slap on the left cheek. Piak! No pain. 
Second slap on the right cheek. Piak! No pain too.
Oh no, I was trapped in the dream (or reality, I wasn't sure that time). I need to spin a gasing (top).
Argh~~~it's coming very very soon..Help!
Psshhh... oh oh something's coming out. Don't get mistaken. I managed to wake up at the end and rushed to toilet just right at the very timing. 
I architected my act in the dream. but somehow it didn't work. This proves one thing - you won't feel pain in your dream. Period.