Friday, October 16, 2009

Terrible yet exciting weeks

Last 2 word to describe - terrible but siok..
Many things had happened in such a short time..
Assignments, Reports, Quizzes, Presentations, Writing proposal, Organizing and Attending Activities, Meetings and many more..Macam Snow-ball..keeping on rolling..walao..
When I looked at my To-do-list, I felt nausea..
When I looked at my schedule, I felt dizzy..
When I kept on looking and looking, I felt nearly impotent..
Sometimes I would just lose my focus easily..
dunno where to head..
Time's not on my side anymore..
have to fight really hard against the time or else I will screw up everything at the end..
Luckily I'm "strong" enough to survive in this psychological as well as physical torture..
haha.. now everything's back to normal..wahaha
exam's coming soon anyway...but it's much more better and kind than those I've mentioned earlier..
At least it won't compel me to the dead corner..
nevertheless last few weeks were not totally bad..
I felt so full...mentally and psychologically...

Here are some highlights of the month:

Cosmetic assignment
My Team - Carmin
(Eda, Calrin, Farah, Farahin, Yanna and Me)
MY Groupmates 
We're assigned to formulate rouge and blush.
My piece of work..keke
Carmin rouge - to make your cheek "red red and bling bling"

Carmin - our product
Marketing Assignment:
Research title:
"A qualitative study exploring the impacts of pharmaceutical price war among community pharmacies in the state of Penang, Malaysia"
One of the satisfying research studies I've done.
The photos are not with me..upload later (later means not tomorrow >.<) USM Freeze!: One i must never miss to share with you guys USM Freeze! had successfully been put in action right in my own campus, USM..yoohoo..
This was the most exciting event I'd ever organized so far after B.O.S night in July.
Imagine more than 1oo students gather at one place and got frozen in unison for 4 minutes..
The scene is wow, breathtaking!

Briefing before USM Freeze! (Wan Bin's face looked so 痛苦)
Briefing before USM Freeze!
(Wan Bin looked like she's in pain)
Participants on the move. I'd never
expected to see such a huge group.
Chia How looked so happy, macam
kena lottery
Everyone's doing their routine, waiting for the moment
Media ready with their cameras
Everyone's busy looking for the best spot to freeze.
Erm...perhaps in front of cameras
Counting from 3, 2, 1...
the pasar-like foyer DK suddenly turned into a total silent dead city
Everyone was like turning into dummy..not moving anymore
Green Lung Freeze!
No single sound was made except those who dunno what's happening that time..
the best thing was to see those innocent by-passers' faces and expression..
they looked so ignorant...haha..
when they saw such a huge group of frozen people, they didn't even dare to step forward to pass through the crowd.. amazing..
Bird's view at Foyer DK
The frozen moment really astounded me..
The number of participants was out of my expectation...
I was actually just expecting around 50 or 60..
Really millions and thousands of thanks to them..
Of course, trillions and billions thanks to all my committee members who had worked really hard to make USM Freeze! a history in USM...

With such a great people around, the world is always beautiful, I believe...
Su Ee's posing
Dun How so "ke leng"
USM Freeze! indeed has made the Green Lung reaching more people in USM..
At least we met our objective our this activity.
though there wersome minor mistakes i think could be improved much.
Here are some newspaper cuttings about Green Lung.
Green Lung on Berita Kampus
One thing exciting too..
my face was on The Star..wahaha..though they spelled my name wrongly "Ho Rhu Wann"...haih why everytime like this..
Me on the Star
There were a few more press covering the news eg. Sin Chew Jit Poh, Kwang Ming Daily Paper, Bernama, Utusan and TV3

Press release was horrible yet interesting experience for me..
First time talking in front of press...I was blank..
I couldn't even talk in a sensible way..though those points I've been repeating and repeating..
when the camera was on... my brain says bye bye to me
luckily got Prof Rahmat backed me up..or else I'd be so dead..
haha..anyway..another new episode in my itinerary..

Green Lung, another turning point of my life..
I meet great people, I work with great people, I talk to great people..
I know I'm nothing afterall...more and more to learn to get myself improved..
If one day, people asked me "how's your uni life"
I would answer him without any hesitation, "My uni life is GREAT~!!!"

Looking forwards to more exciting activities in the coming days:
Green Lung internal training program, Intervarsity Youth Tobacco Control Workshop, Green Lung Carnival 2010 (GLC 2010)

Stay tuned