Friday, February 19, 2010

Random post

This is my first post in 2010..
So I sekali gus wish you all
Happy 2010, Happy Thaipusam and Gong Xi Fa Cai

For the past one month, I realized that time really flies, seriously no joke..
It's like I belum sempat korek lubang pangsai, on the other hand I already sambil fill up the hole..
the next second when the shit reaches the kastam, oh gosh, shit!
(Now only I know why people so like to say "Shit!" when they are helpless)

This semester as usual I was and am still busying myself with Green Lung's activities
GLC is coming in another 5-day time..chuak sai liao this time..
Many uncertainties and many variables..yet I'm still feeling bright..
After this, it's time for me to retire..yeah~!!
Though I hope that I could have more time spending with Green Lung, I'm a lil bit tired mentally and's time for me to shift my focus back to my studies..
My books miss me, I think..

This semester I take an interesting course - English Pronunciation
The teacher is *clearing throat* ...(pause)...good
Walao eh, she is so particular lah wei..
I feel stressed out when I speak to her..I have to mind every single syllabus I spit out from my mouth..
Perhaps it's not a bad thing after least I learn how to speak English, not Manglish..

Having been expecting CNY so much before CNY..
This feeling's gone after the second day..(luckily this feeling could last 2 days)
All the cousins around me are growing maturer..and the topics of discussion were getting more serious.. I'm still not that used to it yet, honestly..
Yet, I still enjoy the feeling of being together with all the family members..
Of course, outing with friends is exciting too..
but people are getting busier and hard to meet them even during CNY..
However, when we reminisced our days in the past, wao..nostalgia, man..
And yeah, our age is getting bigger in number (not old)

That's all for this time..
Recently not much stupid ideas in my head..
have to buy some lubricant to make my brain work faster..