Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lighten my day

People asked me to update my sampat blog.
But I don't really have ilham what to write about so i just simply scribble here.

Hmm...having finished my first clerkship at community pharmacy.
So far so good. Seeing people going in and out the pharmacy. Rupa-rupanya many people get sick every now and then. Good thing or bad thing? Good thing. If there's no one sick, no business for pharmacies and clinics. Bad thing. Being sick is definitely something not good.

It's pretty boring though I did learn something there of course. But on the last day one patient did lighten my day. An indian uncle. I helped him to do BP (Blood Pressure) check-up. So after the check-up, a brief counseling session.

After the session he said to me, "You're a good pharmacist."

I don't know whether this is just a flattery or of sincerity. But I do believe it's the latter. Even if it's the former, no worry, still I will take it as the latter. Haha.

It's something huge to me because all the while my friends always said I don't look like a pharmacist. Seriously he did inspire me.

This small little tiny compliment made my heart warm. It's so much warmer than someone saying me more handsome than Tom Cruise.

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